Dairy Queen Brantford is Now Under New Family Ownership

In 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Andre started a Brantford icon known as Dairy Queen. It was their vision that brought Brantford the 7th DQ in Canada, and what has become one of Brantford's favourite stops for the famous DQ cakes and the best tasting soft serve. 28 years after the first store opened, Jan Collins (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andre) along with Dexter Collins took over the operation of the Colborne Street and King George Road locations, which have continued to grow in the community with the number of employees rising close to 40 students and 6 full-time staff after 34 years. I would personally like to thank the Andre and Collins family for their dedication and growth of an institution that is known by all members of the community and for their trust in another family to carry on such a nostalgic part of Brantford's heritage.

On June 29, 2016, Brantford Dairy Queen has changed hands to a new family after 62 years. Ken and Tammy Breau, along with their six children, Rachel Holland, Taylor Lavergne (Breau), Amanda Holland, Brittany Holland, Avery Breau, and Tyler Holland will have completed the transfer of ownership with the hopes of creating magic for another 60 years.

Negotiations commenced in February 2016 and were completed in May 2016 with a great team at BDO Canada Ltd., Boddy Ryerson LLP, Trepanier Verity and TD Bank. None of this would have been possible without the support and understanding from the Andre family, Jan Collins and Dexter Collins.

The Breau/Holland Family

Ken Breau moved to Brantford in 1989 working for Brantford Mechanical as an electrician. He has since gone on to hold a number of patents in the pool and spa industry as well as looking after electrical infrastructure projects for Guild Electric Ltd. out of Toronto. Some of you may know Ken as a great supporter of children and those with special needs in our community. Ken has been involved with Circle Square Ranch, Brantford Sunrise Rotary Club and the Brantford Classic raising over $18,000.00 this year and over $100,000.00 in the last 6 years. Ken is also an Executive Member of the Brantford Piston Pushers as the Recording Secretary, another great organization in Brantford.

Tammy Breau relocated to Brantford with her four children in 2003 and was married to Ken Breau in 2004. Tammy has been a Registered Practical Nurse for 33 years serving the Brantford/Hamilton area. Tammy has always been a great supporter of Ken's desire to create a better life for his family and his community.

Rachel Holland is a graduate of North Park Collegiate and The University of Western Ontario with a Masters Degree in Social Work.

Taylor Lavergne (Breau) is a graduate of Pauline Johnson and Ottawa University with a Degree in Aboriginal Affairs.

Amanda Holland is our special angel who is now 22 years old having the size of a 3-year-old and the mental capacity of a 3-month-old. It is truly amazing how such a little girl with limited capabilities has touched so many lives. She is our little juicy fruit.

Brittany Holland is a graduate of North Park Collegiate and is now completing her third and final year at Mohawk College as Child and Youth Worker.

Avery Breau is a graduate of North Park Collegiate and is going into her third year at Waterloo University following in her older sister's footsteps to gain a degree in Social Work.

Tyler Holland is a graduate of North Park Collegiate and going into his second and final year at Fleming College for Outdoor Adventure Leadership.

Needless to say, this is a very exciting adventure for Ken and Tammy who aim to continue to serve excellent quality Dairy Queen products to the residents of Brantford and other great communities in Brant County. It is both the hope and intention of the Breau/Holland family to retain the existing locations at 115 King George Road and 930 Colborne Street East as well as to bring new blood and ideas to turn great stores into even better stores for customers to once again enjoy their "Cool Treats".

Owners: Ken and Tammy Breau can be contacted at:


Human Resources is Rachel Holland and can be contacted at:


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